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Complete Conference Packages...

The Magic is You
Real Magic - The Magic Within
The Magical Mini Conference Package

Cutting Edge Shows...

It's Magic - Interactive Audience Fun
A Touch Of Magic - Mix Of Fun & Illusion
Real Magic - Magic & Illusion Spectacular

Custom Entertainment Productions...

Fantastico - Cirque Du Magique
Spellbound - Interactive Theatre Of Illusion
Une Nuit Magique - Magic & Music Of The Night

Edutainment Keynotes...

Real Magic - The Magic Within
The Magic Of Your {Company}
Creating A "Making The Impossible, Possible" FOCUS!
How To Make A Magical Difference In Your Business 
Secrets Of The History Of Magic
Creating Customer Service Magic

Meetings & Edutainment Programs...

Real Magic - The Magic Within
The Magic of Your Company
Inspirations - Powerful Business Messages
Teamwork & Value Innovation Days
Professional Meeting Hosting Services

Plus Custom Designed...

Outstanding Entertainment
Awards & Thank You Events
Business Meetings & AGM
Special Promotions & Trade Shows
Staff & Client Appreciation
Product Launches
Consultation & Special Effects


Complete Conference Packages...

REAL MAGIC - The Magic Within

"Imagine some very special, powerful and unique presentations that set the stage, and truly help sell the practical and entertaining aspects of your entire meeting, conference and convention!"

REAL MAGIC - The Magic Within & THE MAGIC IS YOU provide us with themes to do just that. Positive themes that can be extended throughout the entire meeting, and all of its events, to create a truly seamless, memorable and motivational experience.

It dynamically opens your conference! Imagine an EXPLOSIVE CUSTOMIZED OPENING! A spectacular multimedia production that combines graphics, special effects, illusion, choreography, magic, lights and staging for the ultimate effect! Dynamic and entertaining it will set up the theme of the conference and "magically reveal" your first speaker for opening remarks!

It builds throughout your meeting as we become your special host...

segueing between your speakers and presenters for maximum impact
presenting relevant "vignettes and pieces" to uniquely facilitate your presentations and key ideas
creating perfect theme symmetry, impact and attention for each event,
maintaining maximum retention levels in a fun, yet connective way,
tying it all together with our keynote address, THE MAGIC WITHIN,
and in general providing a smooth, unique, uplifting flow throughout the entire conference and business sessions. One that inspires, excites, entertains, educates and motivates!

We can also use our special magic to seamlessly coordinate and interact with all aspects of your events! Your advance advertising, printed matter and hand outs, concurrent trade show, multimedia presentations, and overall planning and production can all be tied into your conference theme. We can share your story in a manner your audience will soon not forget.

This positive theme is extended into the evening's dinner, award show and entertainment with REAL MAGIC! The ultimate, entertainment experience that you and your audience become a part of.

In the grand style of Lance Burton, David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy, choreographed illusions occur on the stage, on the dance floor, and right in the audience. Magic, music, comedy, dance, theatre, special effects, lights, sound and illusion perfectly blend to conjure a mystifying, entertaining and extremely relevant spectacle. An unbelievable show that is customized to your needs!

While REAL MAGIC - The Magic Within & THE MAGIC IS YOU have been designed as a complete packages, they are also available in individual modular and creative formats, and in different sizes. The magic, motivation, shows, keynote address, technology, creative process and special effects are also available as separate and customized items. Thus you could utilize a few items to enhance your regular conference, create your own theme, or design your own evening.

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This program was designed as a special “magical get away package” for smaller conferences and Company meetings.  The premise was to combine an informative and relevant wrap up keynote with a unique night before / arrival entertainment package, and other meeting add-ons to create a “WOW” experience at a “cost effective price”.

The night before entertainment session has a complete décor package including amazing magic décor, giant props, posters, magical displays, and special effects that fill the entire room.   The décor not only acts as a point of interest and conversation (and starts to subtly reinforce our “magic within” theme), but also sets the stage for our close up magic to follow.  Yes a close-up magician (who can be costumed in a number of different guises) first mingles with the crowd performing close up magic here and there, and then later will perform a mini featured show for the entire room.

The next day the magic continues with some magical segue pieces your presenters can use in their presentations, and then wraps up with one of Rick Rossini’s relevant keynotes customized for the audience, followed by a special meeting Closing illusion.  The end result is a very complete, customizable package that can add real “magic, message and value” to almost any smaller, more intimate conference!

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Cutting Edge Shows...

IT'S MAGIC - Interactive Audience Fun
This is an amazing, fun filled magical experience  featuring Rick Rossini and “your audience as the stars”!  This special performance offers a unique combination of good clean humor, sophisticated entertainment, magic, and theatre, all assisted by members of your audience (with no embarrassment to anyone).  Amazing, exciting and funny, Rossini will quite literally have some audience members jumping out of their chairs in laughter.

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A TOUCH OF MAGIC - Mix Of Fun & Illusion
For a more spectacular presentation this show offers the hilarious audience interactive highlights from IT’S MAGIC and adds the magic of staged grand illusions.  By adding two of our assistants we combine intimate magic with the theatrical illusions of floating a woman in air, people appearing, disappearing and changing places in the blink of an eye (Houdini's metamorphoses taken one step further), and an extremely funny “pick pocket routine” that has to be seen to be believed.   A perfect companion to our keynote presentation The Magic Within!

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REAL MAGIC - Magic & Grand Illusion Spectacular
"Unique! Current! Spectacular!" For the ultimate sophisticated production it's REAL MAGIC!  The large, exciting, full stage illusions with the complete cast!  Experience the magic, the lights, music, staging, choreography, audience interaction and theatrics.  Just like on TV, but it’s here, live on stage, featured at your special event and uniquely customized to fit your needs! 

However is in not just Rossini who performs the impossible as a number of special guests can also make an appearance.  Your people, personalities, guest artists, “new products and special messages”, award presenters and recipients, and even the magical production out of thin air of your PRESIDENT, can be interwoven into this completely integrated, dinner entertainment package

A perfect companion for all of our keynote presentations.

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Custom Entertainment Productions...

THE MAGIC OF {Your Company}
“Spectacular, original, hilarious and very, very memorable!”
This very new, entertainment spectacular actually incorporates key Company personnel into a custom created show that reinforces teamwork and your own unique “Corporate history, culture and message”!  That’s right, previously selected and trained “management & employees” are featured as amateur magicians, their assistants, and some special magical guests who are incorporated into an electrifying magic and illusion spectacular that is as funny as it is amazing!

THE MAGIC OF {your Company} is available as a stand-alone, featured SHOW and as a complete evenings PACKAGE.  It can also be combined with a special MEETING OPENING and one of our KEYNOTES to create a COMPLETE CONFERENCE PACKAGE.

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FANTASTICO - Cirque Du Magique
Welcome to a very magical, theatrical, nouveau "Carnival Of Wonder!" Imagine a LIVE version of the animation classic FANTASIA come to life and customized for you and your group. Imagine an exceptional blend of magic, illusion, fantasy, carnival, theatre, song, dance and storytelling all combined into a fast moving show of performance vignettes! All this plus hilarious audience interaction and a carefully crafted, theatrical look and feel complete this unique experience!

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SPELLBOUND! The Interactive Theatre of Illusion
A complete magical evening in which your audience are invited not only as guests, but as participants. Imagine an interactive experience where we combine dinner, theatre, illusion, staging, decor, special effects, unpredictable surprises and a customized storyline, with the unique interaction of your audience. All in good taste and individually suited to your audience's needs and comfort levels. More than a show, it is a dynamic, new look and feel for your awards, entertainment, pre-conference welcome party, teambuilding program, hospitality suite, product launch and special promotion.

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The magic AND the music of the night! 
New, exciting and different!" 
See the world’s most spectacular illusions and experience the magic of Broadway’s most famous songs and moments recreated and combined live, on stage, in person before your incredulous eyes and ears!  Yes it’s all here in one complete package!  Magic, grand illusion, singers, dancers and musicians, combine with lights, sound, special effects, choreography, and theatrics to create a seamless “magical” integration.  This is a very theatrical and nouveau “evening of enchantment” designed for today’s discriminating audiences who have “seen it all” and want something “innovative, spectacular and refreshing!”

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Edutaining Keynotes...

REAL MAGIC - The Magic Within
"Dynamic! Hilarious! Powerful! Meaningful!" Create an informative and theme reinforcing keynote, innovative award/appreciation program, conference opening, convention closing, and a completely integrated, meeting facilitation! This unique keynote styled presentation, designed with entertainment, education and motivation in mind, explores "how to perform the impossible" in a truly remarkable way.

Structured in a main platform forum, we creatively explore how to believe in the magic inside ourselves in a very entertaining presentation! Working with your audience we rediscover the magic in us all and the magic we can use to make our dreams happen. A fun yet very powerful message, carefully customized for your business, conference and communication goals. A perfect companion to our cutting edge show REAL MAGIC!

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"Unique! Informative! Powerful! Practical!"  A completely custom designed keynote that incorporates the particular key concepts, goals and messages your wish to communicate.  A very powerful and effective tool you and your business can use to impact your people, clients and potential clients!

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CREATING A "Making The Impossible, Possible" FOCUS!
"Powerful! Amazing! Informative! Exciting!"
Making the impossible, possible is nothing more than coming up with simple effective solutions to complicated problems, and then doing something about it! This is one amazing presentation that provides you with the "magic" and tricks of the trade to do just that! Here in a very practical "edutainment" session Rick Rossini combines his background in Psychology and Human Behavior, with over thirty years experience in business promotions and communications, and a life time expertise of designing creative solutions for making the impossible, possible. The end result is a powerful, entertaining and UNIQUE look at the "creative thinking process", "effective problem solving", and how it really can benefit YOU! A perfect companion to our cutting edge shows
REAL MAGIC and Cirque du Magique!

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Powerful Business Insights You Can Use!  "Unique!
Informative! Hilarious! Practical!"
How much is it really costing you because people just don't SEE the MAGIC in what you do? Experience thirty years of tricks, tips and insights from making magic happen with North America's top marketing, promotional and businesses, and how to make their magic work for you today!!  Be a part of this dynamic and fast paced session where proven marketing and sales tools, customer service insights, motivation, human nature, creativity, show business & fun combine for a unique array of key business insights to help you and your business in what you do! 

Expect to leave with a new, revitalized look at powerful business strategies, magical customer insights, business creativity concepts, and a vast assortment of quick, powerful and effective tools to make your business really stand out from the crowd and appeal to the customer.  And its fun! A perfect companion piece with all of our cutting edge shows.  A perfect companion to our cutting edge show REAL MAGIC!

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And how to apply them to what you do! 
Take a magic carpet ride from magic’s origins and myths, through the magic of the ages and into the wizardry of the future.  Learn about some of the most famous conjurors and wizards throughout history.  Magicians like Merlin, Robert Houdin (the man Houdini took his name from), Thurston, Blackstone, Chung Ling Soo, the great Houdini, and Canada’s own Doug Henning.  What were their most famous tricks, how did they get to become so famous, and what were some of the truths behind their legends?  Join us for a most informative journey that can reveal “timeless truths” that can benefit both your life and what you do! 

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The Art And Skill Of Amazing YOUR Customer!
If your customer is your audience, then why should someone buy a ticket to your show?   And more importantly why should they come back again and again, AND rave to others about the experience?  It is by creating a “dazzling experience” that truly spellbinds and delights them!  By creating MAGIC!  Not magic as in card tricks and gimmicky boxes, but SERVICE MAGIC that seeks to understand and master the skills of enchantment (rapport, communication, credibility and trust).

In a very lively, fun program we study the skills of a stage magician (understanding timing, presentation and situation) and how it can specifically apply to the service professional.  The goal is to produce a greater understanding of the craft of creating wonder and awe for the customer where and whenever possible.  


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Meetings & Edutainment Programs...

An amazing show, unique product launch, AND powerful business meeting, that is custom created for your COMPANY! Over 30 years expertise helping businesses dynamically communicate their unique message!!! Your Products and their benefits magically appear out of thin air! Incredible illusions designed to communicate your message occur intermixed within your agenda. And your Brand Managers, Speakers, even your President magically appear for maximum impact! All this plus some very spectacular, customized magic and powerful business messages come together to passionately communicate your message! Also available in a more intimate format as

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INSPIRATIONS - Powerful Business Messages
Imagine an EXPLOSIVE CUSTOMIZED OPENING that introduces your theme and sets the tone for the meeting to follow! A spectacular production number that can combine theatrics, graphics, special effects, illusion, choreography, magic, lights and staging for the ultimate effect! Dynamic and entertaining it will set up the theme of the conference and "magically reveal" your first speaker for opening remarks! We offer many modules and themes that can be cost effectively customized to your particular needs as well as the ability to create your own powerful, signature piece.

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Product Launches & Special Promotions...

In the past 30 years we have either magically produced and/or been involved in the magical introduction of hundreds of new products and services. They have ranged in size and shape from a new deodorant stick to a full sized automobile, and in industries from computer software to plumbing supplies. In all these PRODUCT LAUNCHES, whether internally targeted to your own sales force or externally targeted to your customers, potential clients and media, one objective has always been the same. That this NEW PRODUCT is truly special and unique!

Add to this strategy energy, excitement, and a unique presentation style that positively reinforces your corporate identity, and you have one of the key benefits of our MARKETING MAGIC!

Working with your experts we find out as much as we can about your new product or service, your objectives, strategy, positioning, corporate identity and marketing plan, and then devise a specific, magical presentation that will achieve your goals. It could be having your product or a giant replica appear out of thin air. It could contain magical segments that will illustrate your product's benefits. It could involve creating impact by having your brand manager magically appear. It could be a short special effect designed for attention during your business meeting or be a complete show that would highlight not only your new product but also your corporate identity.

In all cases our special magic can be used to create impact and attention, entertain and educate, and then inspire, excite and motivate. All designed to set your NEW PRODUCT APART!

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Customized Meetings...

All meetings have three things in common; the need to communicate, the need to motivate, and people. Now more than ever it is imperative that you effectively inform and inspire your people. Our magical approach provides a unique method to accomplish just that.

Our magic passionately delivers your message! It also reinforces that your people are special. We are all more than capable of achieving our goals and aspirations. The real key is to truly express this, not just in words or manufactured images, but in real, tangible demonstrations. Real magic. Your magic! You can do so in a number of ways.

1. With MAGIC FX your meeting will gain impact as your special message and product line is presented with all the important points emphasized with magic and illusion. Your speakers, executives and corporate representatives gain impact and attention as each one is magically produced or tied into your overall concept. Each presentation is tailor-made to your individual needs and objectives.

2. As your MAGICAL HOST and FACILITATOR I become your special guide throughout your meeting. I present relevant illusions revolving around your goals and central theme, create impact and attention for each of your presentations, and in general provide a smooth, uplifting flow throughout the entire business session. A flow which uniquely and consistently reinforces the impossible being achieved, and emphasizes your marketing objectives and special message.

3. As your MAGICAL MOTIVATOR I put the focus on fun and motivation, and how we can all really achieve the impossible. How we can all perform our own real magic. This is reinforced by magic, illusion and vignettes from our motivational presentations. Inspirational pieces are interwoven throughout your meeting strengthening our belief and desire in achievement.

All three approaches whether utilized separately, in combination, or in complete packages such as THE MAGIC IS YOU, The Magic OF YOUR COMPANY and REAL MAGIC - The Magic Within, have one powerful benefit in common. They get results!

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Customized Entertainment...

Entertainment is a key factor in every corporate calendar. Internal functions such as awards, galas and special events, and external business functions from client appreciation programs to participatory conventions and conferences can all benefit from our special magic.

The concept of our magic is quite simple: "to create real magic" for social and corporate events! Not just magic as in top hats, rabbits and capes, but a magical experience where the magic is so real you cannot tell illusion from reality. It is an experience that you and your guests become a part of.

However it is not just ROSSINI who performs the impossible. A number of special guests also make an appearance in your creatively choreographed production. Your executives and representatives, award recipients and presenters, and even the magical production out of thin air of your PRESIDENT, can be interwoven into this unique show.

Combine these elements with our creative design, corporate expertise and magician's bag of tricks and illusions, and you are limited only by your imagination.

That is what really makes this magic so special and unique. It is the corporate customizing that can occur. The creative presence and utilization of corporate identity and products prevails. The result is a unique and captivating experience that you can truly call your own!

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Trade Shows...

SHOWMANSHIP! It is in the dictionary next to the word SELLING. Okay so it isn't, but it should be. Because in today's competitive market it may not be enough to just "be at the trade show." You must stand out from the crowd, and more importantly, "stand out from your competitors!"

Trade Show SUCCESS is dependent on three factors. The number of people who visit your booth, the number of people who remember you and your message, and most importantly, the number of people who BUY YOUR PRODUCT!

Over the years we have seen almost every gimmick used to entice potential customers into trade booths. Jugglers, shoe shines, expensive celebrities, robots, free popcorn, you name it. While all were effective in attracting attention, how many really communicated a message? How many actually helped tell a story, or help sell a product?

This is where our special magic can really be of benefit, because nothing builds traffic, AND yet communicates your message, like MARKETING MAGIC! We combine magic, illusion, special effects, audience interaction, and some of the most talented performers you have ever seen with your professional sales presentation. The results are amazing! We weave your personal sales message into a telling - and selling story that has real impact. Every element is tied into your message so your prospects will remember your firm, your product, and your sales story.

We are not interested in having someone stand in your booth and do card tricks. What we do is attract potential customers to your booth, build interest and excitement, communicate your message, and then educate and motivate. We integrate your sales message into a unique customized presentation. This entertaining presentation will combine the key elements of marketing, visual magic and salesmanship for one reason. "To sell, sell, sell!"

We also offer some very unique hospitality suite presentations, booth special effects, and staff preparation packages.

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To see what we have done for others  please see our Portfolio.


Some of our clients...

 AC Delco,
   Adams Brands,
   Aetna Canada,
   Aird & Berlis,
   Alberto Culver,
  Alliston & District Chamber Of Commerce,
 American Standard,
   Amnesty International,
  Anderson Advertising,
   Apple Canada,
   Armtec Building Systems,
 Arpeco Engineering,
   Arthur Anderson,
   Astra Pharma Inc.,
  Atlas Trailer Coach Products,
  Ault Food Ltd,
   Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association,
  Aveda - Collega,
  Aventis Pharma,
  AVH Communications,
  Bank Of Montreal,
   Basics Office Products,
   Bell Canada,
   Big Brothers & Sisters Association,
  Black & McDonald,
   Bob Proctor & Associates,
  BOC Gases,
  Boehringer Ingelheim,
  Bohne Spring Industries,
Brock Solutions,
   Cadillac Fairview,
   Campbell Soup,
   Camp Enterprise,
  Camp Quality,
  Canadian Anestesiologist Society,
  Canadian Association Of Paper Distributors,
  Canadian Border Services Agency,
  Canada Post Corporation,
  Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation,
  Canadian Hotel Marketing & Sales Executives,
  Canadian Life Insurance Medical Officers Association,
Canadian Produce Marketing Association,
   Canadian Society Of Association Executives,
  Canadian Wood Council,
  Cantel AT & T,
 Ciba Geigy,
   CIBC Visa,
  Club House Foods,
   Coatings Magazine,
  Coffee Time,
   Coffin Laurin,
   Cohn & Wolfe,
   Credit Union Managers Association,
  Crush Canada Inc,
   Degussa Canada Inc,
   Deliotte Touche,
   Digital Security Controls,
  DMP Electronics,
   Duetsch Telekom,
 Du Pont,
   Easter Seals Society,
  Effem Foods,
   Eli Lilly Canada,
  Elwood Saracuse Productions,
  ESAB Group Canada,
  ESSO Imperial Oil,
   Ezware Systems,
  Expidite Plus,
  Facelle Company Ltd,
 Family Communications,
   Far Northeast Training Board,
  Feature Products Ltd,
   Federation Of Canadian Independent Deposit Brokers,
  Fisher Scientific,
 Ford Motor Company,
   Fraiser Milner,
  Friday's Curse (TV),
  Friends Of We Care,
  G E Powersystems,
  Gemini Awards,
   General Foods Ltd,
   Germiphene Corporation,
   G E Shnier,
   Golden Griddle,
  Halton Catholic Administrators,
   HHH Builders Association,
  Halton Catholic Principal's Association,
  Halton Women's Place,
  Heil Canada,
   Hilton Hotels,
   Hostess FritoLay,
   Hudson's Bay Company,
   Humber College,
  Hyundai Canada,
 IBM Global Services,
   Imperial Oil,
  Imperial Tobacco,
  Indigo Books,

   Insystems Technology,

   Interbake Foods Ltd,
   International Horticultural Conference,
  International Special Olympics,
   Investors Group,
  Janssen-Ortho Inc,
   J D Thompson & Associates,
  JE Baker Inc,
 Johnson & Johnson Inc,
   Johns-Manville Canada,
   Juvenile Diabetes Foundation,
   Kinney Shoes,
 Kodak Canada,
   Kung Foo - The Legend Continues (TV),
  Kwik-Kopy Printing,
  London Life,
   Lorimar Productions,
   Lotus Development,
   M & A Candy Company,
   Macmillian Publishing,
   Marcam Corporation,
   Marko Creative,
   McMaster University,
  MDS Laboratories,
   Miller Thomson,
  Municipal Electric Association,
   Mead Johnson Canada,
   Ministry Of Energy,
  Mississauga Nissan,
  Molson Indy,
  Munich Reinsurance Company,
Muscular Dystrophy Association,
National Association Of Catering Executives,
  National Electrical Contractors Association,
  National Real Estate,
   National Post,
   National Steel Car,
  Network 2000 Conference,
   Ocean Spray,
  Ontario Association of Nurses,
   Ontario Hydro,
   Ontario Ministry Of Agriculture & Food,
   Ontario Ministry Of Education, Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association,
   Ontario Milk Transport Association,
   Ontario Place Corporation,
   Ontario Power Generation,
  Ontario Special Olympics,
   Ontario Store Fixtures,
 Peel Childrens Centre,
   Petro Canada,
   Philips Electronics,
  Prime Time Events, Promotional Products Association Of Canada,
  Q107 Radio,
   Quaker Oats Company,
 Rhone - Poulenc Roher,
  Robin Hood Multifoods,
   Rodman Hall Art Centre,
  Rouge Valley Hospital,
   Royal Canadian Mint,
  Royal Trust,
   RSVP Awards,
   R T Kelley Inc,
  Sanyo Canada,
   Saskatchewan's Regional Colleges Conference,
  Seagram Distillers Ltd,
   Searle Canada,
   Shellgame (TV),
  Sick Kids Hospital,
  Sienna Films,
  Society Of Incentive & Travel Executives,
  Softsearch Trading Corp,
   Sonar Communicarions,
  State Farm Insurance,
   St. John Ambulance,
  St. Hubert,
  Square One,
  Sunlife Of Canada,

   TAB Datafile,

   Tandy Radio Shack,
   Technology Information Show,
  Tempur Canada,
  The Bali Company,
   The Holiday Network,
  The Oshawa Group Limited,
  Toromont Powersystems, Toronto District School Board,
  Toronto Home Builders,
   Toronto Motorcycle Show,
  Toronto Raptors,
   Toronto Real Estate Board,
  Toronto Tourism,
   Toshiba Canada,
  Town Of Oakville,
   Tri-Town & District Chamber Of Commerce,
  TSN - The Sports Network,
  Union Carbide Inc,
   Union Gas Ltd,
   United Way,
  Wall Data Inc,
   Winthrop Laboratories,
   Xerox Canada,
   York University,
  You Verve Magazine,
  Young & Rubicam.



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